How to Choose Your Dentist


Choosing a dentist is an essential step in maintaining good oral health. Here are a couple of factors you should consider when looking for a dentist:

Dentist’s location and clinic hours

There may be times when you’ll need a dentist for emergency purposes. Therefore, it just makes sense to choose someone who’s close to your home or your workplace. That way, it’ll be easier for you to schedule a visit and arrive at the clinic on time.

It will also be a good addition if your dentist’s clinic is open on the days when you’re free from work or from any other appointments.


Costs may vary by practice, thus it will also help knowing beforehand the charges he asks for common dental procedures such as fillings, root canal therapy, and much more. Also, ask if he accepts your medical insurance or if he provides a variety of payment options such as personal checks or credit cards.

Personal comfort

Make sure you feel comfortable with the dentist. If you’re at ease with the practitioner, you can easily ask questions for clarifications, explain your symptoms more clearly, and voice out your personal opinions. If you feel the dentist or the staff is not very accommodating, don’t think twice of searching another dentist. Remember, you’ll be visiting your dentist regularly, so building a good dentist-patient relationship is essential.

Professional qualifications

Your teeth need to be in good hands, thus it’s important that you settle for a dentist who’s really qualified to perform various dental procedures. Aside from asking your dentist about his qualifications, you can also watch out for some certifications, policies on infection control, etc. in his office.

State licensing board

Often, state dental boards have their respective web sites where you can easily verify if your dentist is duly-licensed. You may likewise double-check on the site if there have been some sanctions taken against your dentist.

Length of experience

In addition to finding more about your dentist’s training and license, ask how long he has been performing dental procedures. Also, make sure to find out all procedure options that you would need to solve all your cosmetic dental concerns. Don’t forget to ask about the advantages and disadvantages. If your dentist is able to answer these things convincingly, then he may be a good fit for your dental needs.

Ask family members, physicians, etc.

Often, your family and friends are the best sources of information. They can suggest dentists whom they had the chance to work with and likewise answer questions or doubts you may have in mind.

You may also ask your doctor if he knows a dentist whom you can consult about any dental health problems.

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